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Taking over the world, one fic at a time....

And selling limbs for feedback....

Quin Firefrorefiddle
23 August
THIS JOURNAL HAS MOVED TO DREAMWIDTH. I am QuinFirefrorefiddle there, and will not be crossposting back to this journal. Please look for me there.

I write fanfiction. It's a hobby, it is not my life, it is not evil or pointless or even always all that good, but it's a hobby. I write fanfiction for Harry Potter mostly these days, though I've also written for the Matrix, Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, Star Trek: Voyager, and the occasional random one-shot for West Wing, The Princess Bride, and Pride and Prejudice. Most of what is posted here will probably be Harry Potter Draco/Hermione fiction. Random other stuff will show up too, including icons on occasion. To see all the icons I've made check out my webpage, there's an icon index.

Any fanfiction I write, any icons I make, any material here or on my website that isn't strictly original work and labeled as such (i.e. I took this pic with my own camera and made this icon myself, etc.) belongs to the writer of the show, movie, book, whoever owns the domain, copyright, trademark. They should be properly labeled. If not, please POINT IT OUT TO ME. While I do not own, say, the characters that I use in HP fanfiction (because they belong to Ms. Rowling)I do claim the plots as my own. Therefore, if you want to archive any of my work, I simply ask that you ASK ME FIRST. Because claiming the work as your own, or even just not bothering to find out who it belongs to (for example, the characters to Ms. Rowling, plot to me, etc.) is shoddy work and laziness. Thank you.

Also, my mood theme is by crackified.

I will not stand for this
Everyone Feels This Pain
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